About Us

The Royale College of Arts and Social Sciences came into existence January 2004. The seed that is now Royale College of Arts and Social Sciences was planted in the President’s heart ten years ago. At the time it seemed like an impossible dream but it finally became a reality. This college is truly a great example of the collaborative efforts of people of great faith.

The primary aim of the college is to provide curricula and degree opportunities of appropriate level and composition consistent with the aspirations of our students, the public welfare and the highest qualitative standards of Jamaican higher education.

Everyone who walks through the doors of this institution can be assured that they will earn a superior education. The choice of courses, and the degrees offered are part of the plan to impact their professional fields in Jamaica, and beyond its shores.

The college has had its genesis on the premises of Central High School, May Pen, and has had to be relocated several times. This was to create a more stimulating and inviting environment for our students. Today, the college is sited on 5 Muirhead Avenue, May Pen and now provides an“Oasis of Opportunity” for our students. At Royale College we believe in royalty; that is why we offer an educational system that can open doors and create opportunities that will change students’ lives.

In an effort to make the courses of this institution more accessible, many strategies have been employed. Students therefore have the option of attending classes : days, evenings, or weekends.

Overall, the College affords students the opportunity to complete their studies on time, and with flexibility. When you visit our Student Affairs Office you will realize that the College was founded with students in mind.

The Royale College of Arts and Social Sciences is committed to excellence in all of its academic offerings. It ensures that all of its courses are of high quality and international standards.

The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) has registered RCASS as a tertiary institution, eligible for UCJ accreditation. This accreditation is used as one benchmark of excellence for all of the programmes offered.