Undergraduate Studies

As a unit within the Division of Academic Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Studies supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of strong undergraduate programs and related policies. It provides leadership, feedback or input, as appropriate, for changing, enhancing or improving existing programs and policies. The Office of Undergraduate Studies also provides leadership in the development of academic support programs that require an institution-wide response.

Undergraduate Studies is also responsible for ensuring that the laws, regulations and campus policies that apply to undergraduate education are implemented fairly and consistent with their intent. To this end, the Office of Undergraduate Studies reviews and acts on student petitions for exceptions to University policy.

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Secondary Education: Computer Sciences- (Mathematics Minor)

    Secondary Education: Computer Sciences with a minor in Mathematics is intended to aid Teacher-students to be prepared for the classroom. It is designed for students who are interested in teaching computer sciences, entry-level Mathematics and computer related subjects at the secondary level. Computers/Technology plays a vital role within the world, therefore, this course address the skills, knowledge and attitude to teacher the aspect of computer courses.

  • Secondary Education: English – (Special Education Minor)                                 

    Secondary Education: English with a minor in Special Education is designed to help students developed the foundation of academic and professional success within the education scheme. The purpose of this minor is to support the achievement of students with special education needs and explore the field of special education. This course also addressed the techniques for improving critical thinking, communication skills, teaching methodologies and rhetorical modes of writing.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Primary Education – (Special Education Minor)

    Primary Education with a minor in Special Education course explores theory and research in the field of Primary Education. Emphasis on developing, learning, and motivating learners; and classroom management will be highlighted in this course. This course examines the Intensive phonics approach for teaching reading and exposed students to a variety of courses pertaining to special needs in our society.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Early Childhood Education  

    Early Childhood Education aims to help students’ teachers acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude to become sensitive and competent classroom practitioners, capable of creating appropriate and effective learning environments for young children.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Management Studies

    This course is dynamic. It covers the aspect of managerial skills, communication skills, and business decision-making capabilities. This course assists in developing a solid understanding of business and management.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Accounting

    Royale College is committed to helping to provide a sound educational system.  In this business-oriented age, it is becoming more necessary to have astute business practitioners, particularly in the area of management.  This programme is aimed at equipping personnel with the requisite skills for the effective utilization of management skills at all levels of the business world.  As such we at Royale College feel the need to provide an avenue for the training of personnel to fill this void.

  • Bachelor of Social Work

    This course is designed to acquaint the student with the history, scope, and values of the profession of social work. It also gives the opportunities, skills, and knowledge needed to shine in a career in the field of human services.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Literacy Education: Minor in English as a Second Language 

    In this course, students learn the grammatical structures necessary so that they can speak, read, and write with both fluency and accuracy. This course is meant to equip teachers to approach the teaching of English in a different way.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Banking and Finance 

    This course will aid students in acquiring economic knowledge of the procedures, plan and regulatory functions of finance and banking institutions. Students who are deemed to pursue a management career within a financial institution is recommended for this course.

  • Bachelor of Theology: Missiology: Major in Special Education

    The goal of the course is to develop relevant theological and missiological knowledge skills and attitude to function in their ministry, and to acquire the educational skill necessary to teach the Word of God.

  • Bachelor of Theology: Biblical Studies – Major in Special Education

    The goal of the course is to develop relevant theological and biblical studies knowledge skills and attitude to function in their ministry. This course will aid student with biblical content and major doctrines of the Word of God, leading to greater spiritual maturity.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Primary Mathematics Education-(Special Education Minor)

    Primary Mathematics Education is for the person with a professional interest in Primary Mathematics Education. A chief purpose of the course is to prepare and support students in becoming knowledgeable, confident and reflective practitioners in relation to their teaching of mathematics at the primary level. The course will build upon their knowledge of theories of learning and apply these in the context of a mathematical learning environment. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills that are required to deal with special need.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Business Education-(Special Education Minor)

    This course is offered for students planning to enter the teaching profession to teach business subjects. This course is a combination of educational courses and business courses. It aid students with the fundamentals, theories, and processes of a business.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Special Education

    This course is designed to develop students to become conduits through which special educational knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes are shared with various publics, in ways that encourage positive behavioral change.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Sciences

    The course is intended to build on foundational knowledge/concepts of Computer Science and introduce more advanced skills in computer uses – including the role of user interface, multimedia functions and uses of productivity tools.  The course will serve to introduce the learners to new concepts and functions in Computer Science and the operations information systems/hardware and peripheral equipment configured for and used in information processing and data presentation.