About the Diploma

The Diploma is designed for practitioners in the field, those going into employment, students seeking further qualifications in Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and other areas of Media & Communication.

The programme, though practical in nature, is sup-plemented with supporting general educational courses which are required for effective interaction with the local and international markets.

The Diploma is specifically targeted to faith based organizations such as the various churches and Christian denominations. Business entities, sporting associations, Government, Non-Government and community based organizations are also welcome.

Expected outcome

At the end of this programme, the student should be able to understand:

  • Communication theory and practice
  •  Work with Text, Sound And Video for the New & Traditional Media (Internet, radio & TV)
  •  Produce programme for audio/visual projects
  • Know the purpose and use of New Media;/the internet for live streaming of audio and video content to a target audience

Media & Communication

Many persons are drawn to the study of Media & Communication because they are impressed with persons working in the traditional mass media. These persons include: News & Sports reporters writers, and disc jockeys playing songs from their favourite recording artiste. There are however other important persons who work behind the scenes.

The prominent media practitioners have honed noticeably skill sets such as a resonant speaking and reading voice, concise writing, editing and emotional intelligence which enables them to connect with the target audience. Their ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment is of paramount importance.

Many Media & Communication practitioners and professionals have successfully completed Short Courses, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Degrees and Post Graduate Studies at colleges and universities.

The Study of Communication

There are many theories of communication, too many to discuss here, however the study of Media & Communication will focus on the following: Communication process, Communication infrastructure, Communication structure, communication stricture.

The complex nature of communication makes for interesting definitions covering all of the above listed points where it not be explicit that the use of the internet and mobile telephone are included. The Media & Communication Programme adheres to the philosophy of Inte-grated Marketing Communication, I-M-C. Ultimately, the goal of effective communication includes creating a common perception by acquiring information to change behavior.


  • Intro to Media & Communication
  • Caribbean Politics, Geography & Culture
  • Multi Media Production I
  • News Writing and Public Relations
  • Fundamentals of English


  • Multi Media Production
  • Sound And Video Editing
  • Advanced News Writing
  • Media Ethics & Legal Issues
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Internship/Work experience